Car Crash

Now, you’re in the middle of determining fault in a multi-car accident in which you may or may not have played a role. Although incidents involving many vehicles are often complex, they typically have a single root cause that sets off a cascade of other events. Thereafter, other motorists can aid the cause by colliding with disabled vehicles because they did not slow down in time, were going too fast, or were hit in some other way. An accident involving several vehicles is sometimes treated as a single incident. 

On the other hand, each car involved in an accident may be treated as a separate incident. In the following sections, we’ll examine the various causes of multi-vehicle collisions and the most likely outcomes for each. To know your best course of action discusses your case with an injury lawyer in Toledo.

Whose Car Was That That You Hit?

Experts in re-creating accidents are keen to trace causality back to its earliest possible link. When two automobiles collide, it’s usually because one driver wasn’t paying attention, broke a traffic law, and so caused the collision. One of the drivers in the collision would be held responsible in that scenario. In the event that more drivers are involved in the collision because they, too, were helpless to avoid it, their insurance claims will be added to the first driver’s.

After a collision, drivers may stop to assess the situation and determine whether or not to proceed. Next, an attentive motorist stops in time to avoid an accident, but gets rear-ended by another careless driver, usually operating a large truck like an 18-wheeler. That crash certainly couldn’t be put on the first motorist. The truck driver who didn’t slow down in time would be held responsible instead.

When multiple cars collide, what usually occurs?

When many cars are involved in an accident, police are nearly always summoned. An accident report will be taken, but it will be up to you to look out for your own best interests. There is a decent possibility that you will need to file an insurance claim due to damage or injuries sustained. If possible, you’ll want to take some action at the accident scene to improve your odds of a positive outcome. Take pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved, both your own and the ones that hit you.