DUI arrest processDo you know what happens when you get a DUI? Well, your fate after getting a DUI will depend on the state you reside in. The most likely consequences are court appearances, fees, and fines. Getting a DUI can also have a detrimental impact on your job, relationship, finances, social life, and mental health. 

DUI or Driving under the Influence is the crime of driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. The state’s legal limit for DUI is typically a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08%. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Honolulu or your friend has, here are the steps in your DUI arrest procedure. 

#1: The Arrest 

Being pulled over by the police doesn’t always mean that you are arrested but this is where the DUI arrest process begins. Ideally, the officer will pull you to the police station and ask a few questions about what you had drunk. The police officer will also make you perform field sobriety tests. In case you fail the tests, they might arrest you for DUI suspicion. 

#2: Jail

Once you are taken to the local jail, you will be processed and put into the system. The procedure will comprise the officer gathering your personal details, like your name, address, social number, date of birth, and many more such details. Apart from these details, you won’t be allowed to speak with the officers. This is the time when the offender invokes his right to stay silent and instead hire a lawyer. The jail will seize all inventory and belongings and return them to you only when you’re released. 

#3: Bail

Bail is the amount that a court organizes for the arrested person to pay if they wish to be released immediately. However, the person has to still appear in court after receiving bail. The minimum bail that is set is around $500 and it can be posted as a cash bond with the Court or the Sheriff. You may even secure a surety through a bondsman. 

#4: Hire a DUI attorney

Right from arrest to release, you will need to contend with different questions, tests, and expectations as a DUI suspect. After the case is processed, you will get permission of seeking the help of a legal professional. 

It is natural to be stressed about the outcome of your DUI case but you’ll be better off when you hire an attorney throughout the process.