Reasons for Buying a Truck

Did you know that trucks and SUVs accounted for over 80% of estimated new U.S. motor vehicle sales in October 2021? That was the first time it reached that percentage.

Fast forward to 2022, and trucks remain the market’s best sellers. Indeed, of all vehicle sales from January to June, the top three sold were pickups. The Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado, and Ram pickup line, in total, sold over 800,000 units.

So, do those figures indicate that buying a truck is a wise decision? If so, why?

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you why buying and owning a truck is worth it.

  1. Combines Utility, Safety, and Luxury

When Henry Ford created the 1925 Model T Roadster, he became the inventor of two things. One is the first-ever factory-built truck, the other being the term “pickup,” which he coined.

Ford came up with the term since he wanted to make a vehicle that suited the needs of farmers. That’s what the pickup delivered, letting farmers modify it so they could tailor its use on the farm. And thanks to its practicality and usefulness, Ford sold over 135,000 of them.

Nearly a century after the first pickup’s debut, it’s still America’s favorite workhorse. But it now has more to offer, such as roll stability and sway control safety systems. Moreover, many new models offer luxury, boasting leather seats and the latest infotainment.

  1. Features Designed for Off-Roading

Today’s trucks have higher suspensions, letting them pass obstacles on rugged terrain. They also feature improved shock absorbers, reducing impact while stabilizing the vehicle.

Let’s not forget that pickups have powerful engines providing plenty of torque. In addition, they have four-wheel drive capabilities, delivering power to all four wheels.

Because of those features, trucks can power through ice, sand, mud, and gravel.

With that said, go for a pickup if you want a trusty workhorse that you can use for off-roading. But be sure to get your vehicle exterior accessories, like rain guards, bed liners, and bug shields. These aftermarket truck accessories can help protect your ride’s body from damage.

  1. A Tiny House on Wheels

SUVs and most types of trucks in the pickup segment have enough torque to pull RVs and trailers. However, pickups have one thing that not even the most powerful SUV can offer: a truck camper.

A truck camper is a type of recreational vehicle designed for use in pickups. They’re specifically for trucks because they sit on the truck bed.

Thus, if you’re not keen on hauling a larger RV but would like a tiny house on wheels, then go for a truck.

Consider Buying a Truck ASAP

As you can see, there are many fantastic reasons for buying a truck, from usefulness to safety and luxury. They’re so practical you can even turn them into tiny houses on wheels and take them on rugged terrains. And while pickup trucks now cost more than $50,000 on average, all their benefits make them worth it.

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