Around 132 million American households have a car, which means that at some point, they will have to change their steering wheels.

Swapping out your steering wheel lets you find one that aligns with your vehicle’s aesthetic and improves your quality of driving, thanks to smoother movement. But, like with anything to do with automobiles, it can be daunting to know how to change it. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn how to change your steering wheel and are looking for advice.

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got you! Here’s how to change a car steering wheel yourself.

Find a New Steering Wheel

The first step is to find a new steering wheel for your car. This is the most exciting step as you can choose from various sizes and designs. But check that it will work with your car’s model because the bolt must fit securely into the steering column.

If you’re not sure where to look, find a reputable company like Redline Automotive to start your search.

Straighten Your Wheels

Before you can replace the car steering wheel, park the vehicle in a quiet place. You should also keep the wheels pointing straight ahead. This will help you when re-installing the steering wheel.

Disconnect the Battery

One of the top steering wheel replacement DIY tips is disconnecting the battery.

This will stop you from accidentally beeping on it when you disconnect it. You should also remove the steering wheel cover if you have one. Note, that you’ll need a flat head screwdriver for this step.

Loosen the Center Nut 

You’ll notice that your steering wheel for a car has a bolt in the center. This can be difficult to pull out, so start by removing the keys from the ignition. Then, hold the steering wheel in place while you loosen the nut and remove the airbag so there’s space for your new wheel.

Lubricate the Gears 

Before you can fit the car steering wheel replacement, you must lubricate the gears. This will keep it running smoothly. If there’s a buildup of grease, spend time removing it to ensure your new wheel can turn with zero problems.

Then, pull the steering wheel away and grab your new one.

Re-Install the New Steering Wheel

Next, replace the airbag and install your new steering wheel. You should also reconnect the battery, double-check the alignment, and test the horn. If there are any errors, it’s wise to go through the process again to see if you missed a step or didn’t connect the steering wheel properly.

Change Your Car Steering Wheel Yourself 

Hopefully, you’re now an expert at replacing every car steering wheel you come across.

There are essential steps to follow, such as finding the perfect wheel and disconnecting the battery before you start. You should also remember to lubricate the gears for a smooth ride and slowly install the new steering wheel so there are zero mistakes. Good luck!

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