How often does your vehicle need routine maintenance? The proper schedule for vehicle maintenance depends on your specific vehicle. That’s right!

There’s no one set rule for when you need to service your vehicle, how often, or what needs servicing at what time. Instead, you’ll need to visit your vehicle’s owner’s manual. This is where you’ll find your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Once you find this schedule, scan it and print out a copy to keep with you as a car maintenance checklist. This will ensure your vehicle is well maintained throughout the years. Below in this guide, you’ll find our own brief maintenance checklist for all types of cars.

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Tire Tread and Pressure

The tires on your vehicle not only ensure you get where you’re going safely, but they also play a role in how fuel-efficient your vehicle is. You want to check the tire tread and pressure on a regular basis. Once the tread becomes low, it’s time to consider purchasing new tires.

Tire pressure will fluctuate depending on the temperature outside. Keep a tire gauge with you at all times to check the tire pressure as needed. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you what the tire pressure for your vehicle is.

Keep the tires at this number for a smooth and fuel-efficient ride.

Oil and Filter

Clean, full oil on a daily basis is required for optimal vehicle health. How often you change the oil and filter depends on your type of vehicle and what type of oil the vehicle uses. You may need to change the oil every month or every three months, so it’s best to read the owner’s manual and speak with a professional to learn how often is best.

Exterior Lights

When a light in your vehicle’s interior stops working, you’ll most likely notice right away. When an exterior light stops working, however, you might not notice this unless someone else points it out to you. The last thing you want to do is drive your vehicle with a headlight or brake light out.

Instead, every month turn your vehicle on and conduct an inspection of all exterior lights. Ask someone to sit in your vehicle and press on the brakes and use the turn signals to ensure all lights are functioning as they should.

Vehicle Fluids

You want to check your vehicle’s fluids levels when conducting regular maintenance and before taking any type of long trip in your car. When checking the fluids, you want to test the coolant levels, transfer case fluid, transmission fluid, and the coolant fluid exchange.

The owner’s manual will give you a specific answer to how often these fluids need changing. When it’s time to check these fluids or replace associated vehicle parts, visit an auto parts warehouse where you can find affordable replacement parts for your vehicle.

What’s on Your Car Maintenance Checklist?

Owning a car comes with a bit of responsibility. No vehicle will run forever without proper maintenance. Use our car maintenance checklist to help you keep your vehicle in great condition for many years to come.

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