With car prices exceeding $45,000 these days, you might be looking for a cheaper option. Fortunately, you can get better deals on new and used cars if you’re willing to do some searching. But where should you look?

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best places to buy a cheap car!

  1. Look at Local Ads

If you’re on a tight budget, check the local papers and online message boards for car sales. You might find someone living just a few blocks away with a used car that’s affordable. But when you’re dealing with a private seller, there are some tips to follow.

Get a vehicle history report as well as any available service records. Take the car for a test drive and listen for unusual noises that could indicate issues.

And, if possible, take the car to a mechanic before purchasing for an inspection. You don’t want to buy a lemon!

  1. Check Secondhand Selling Platforms

You can go to places like CraigsList to find cheap cars. Selling platforms often will have lots of sellers competing for your attention. Narrow down the search to options within a reasonable radius, and start setting up visits.

  1. Find Cheap Cars at Membership Warehouses

You might think of places like Costco as the store where you get bulk toilet paper and cold cuts. But you can get cheap cars and sometimes even new tires there!

Best of all, if you hate the thought of negotiating, you won’t have to do that. Most of these warehouses already have secured the best prices, so they won’t go any lower. So, as long as they have the car you want, you could be able to get it.

  1. Enter Contests to Win a New Car

Wondering where to buy a car? Maybe you won’t need to buy one if you can win a car instead. If you’re diligent enough to enter multiple contests each week, you might strike gold with a good car that costs next to nothing.

Do a quick online search for car contests and designate an email account for your entries. Check your local car dealerships and malls, too, for contests.

  1. Negotiate with Car Dealerships

Plan on visiting dealerships when buying a used car. Many dealerships designate a lot for used cars â€” and sometimes you can score a good deal.

For instance, if you visit a dealership for new or used cars in December, chances are they’ll have too much inventory. Since they’ll be eager to make way for new cars, they might be more likely to cut you a deal. Plus you can leverage an offer from one dealership to score a better one at another dealership.

Learn Where to Buy a Cheap Car

To buy a cheap car, you’ll want to investigate online resources, like contests and selling platforms. But you should check traditional sources, too, like local papers and ad inserts. And, of course, visit your local dealerships and try to negotiate a better deal.

Get more tips on navigating the car search. Check back soon for new articles!