Nobody ever anticipates having their car vandalized, but random acts of automobile vandalism happen more frequently than people think. However, the average claim related to car vandalism has gone up by 27% in the last 3 years. Vandalism is an expression of anger, and when a country is facing challenges, such as COVID-19 and political instability, most tempers go up, and some will take out their frustrations on random objects, including cars. In many cases car vandalism is random, and in other cases it is personal.

Every year thousands of car insurance claims are filed by people who had an angered friend, relative or ex partner “key” their car, and in other cases kids or troubled individuals will break headlights and smash bumpers with a bat, shoot cars with BB guns, and break windshields as a type of sich therapy. If you have the best Los Angeles auto insurance policy, then it will have comprehensive coverage–the type required to cover acts of vandalism.

You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance to Cover Vandalism

Collision insurance covers you if you are involved in a car accident but comprehensive covers collision, as well as theft, break-ins and vandalism. With comprehensive auto insurance you can have your car (or a significant portion of the damages) paid for. This includes replacing any property from your car that was stolen, as well as body shop and mechanic charges for having your car restored to working order.

Do I Have to Have Comprehensive Coverage?

If you own your own car, then you can choose the type of coverage you have (some states require different coverage types). If you are leasing your car, then the dealership will likely require you to get comprehensive auto insurance.

If you are in the process of reviewing your existing auto insurance policy, or you are shopping for a new car insurance policy in Los Angeles, then you should consider comprehensive, as you never know when you need it, and when you do, having it will be a life-saver.

What Else do I Need to Protect My Family if I Get in a Car Accident or Act of Vandalism?

A good comprehensive auto insurance policy will cover property damage, as well as a certain dollar amount of coverage for medical bills. The medical bills will likely cover you and your passenger, as well as the other party if you were at fault. But in addition to having an ironclad car insurance policy, you should also know a Los Angeles auto accident lawyer that you can call for personal injury claims in a car accident, as having insurance alone won’t give you all the compensation you deserve.

Shop Around for Auto Insurance that Makes Sense

If you live in an area where car vandalism and theft is higher than other areas, then you will want to get more coverage than someone who might live out in a rural area. You can get these statistics from your local police station. Also, make sure your Los Angeles auto insurance policy rewards you for being a safe driver, and make sure you are not overpaying.