Bus accidents are dangerous; passengers in the bus can get severely injured. Moreover, if a bus collides with a car, the car driver is at a higher risk of significant injuries. Suppose you or your loved one ever encounters a bus accident. In that case, the at-fault authority can be held accountable for the damages. The compensation can be received by filing a lawsuit with the guidance of injury attorneys Huntington Beach

What makes bus accidents more dangerous? 

The buses are usually large, but in some cases weight of the smaller buses can be more than the regular ones, which means smaller ones can lead to significant damage during accidents. When these accidents are accompanied by high speeding, the outcome can be life-threatening. 

A bus does not provide adequate safety for the seated passengers; encountering an accident can lead to severe injuries. Moreover, colliding with another vehicle poses more risk to them. 

What are the different types of bus accidents? 

  • Passenger Van Accidents: 

Sometimes organizations like churches, NGOs, or any local group hire a bus for about 15-20 passengers. In some cases, due to the weight of the bus, the center of gravity may increase and it might increase the chances of a rollover. Therefore, the government has implemented strict rules when traveling in such vehicles because of these incidents.

  • Public Bus Accidents: 

Public transportation has a terrible reputation in case of accidents. Undoubtedly, these vehicles are cheaper and an alternative method than using taxis. Moreover, public transport does not provide any seat belts and safety measures, making them extremely dangerous in bad weather conditions. These accidents can cause life-threatening injuries or even worse.

  • School Bus Accidents: 

According to the reports, in Huntington Beach, many students get to school in school buses, and around 15 thousand of them get injured because of school bus accidents. Sometimes the injuries are minor but can be life-changing or even worse if not cared for.

  • Shuttle Bus Accidents: 

These buses are usually hired by hotel groups or travelers for airports. No doubt, these buses are highly convenient and make traveling easy, but they do accompany certain risk factors. Because of the unusual shape of the bus and frequent stopping, they create certain blind spots on the road, which may lead to accidents.

What to do after a bus accident?

Getting medical assistance is the first thing a victim should look out for; once they get to a safe place, they should contact a lawyer. A lawyer helps the victim navigate the legal process to file a claim and compensation.