The car you drive says a lot about you. Maybe you’ve chosen a make and model that is great for a family, or perhaps circumstances insist that you sport a vehicle with good MPG. Regardless of whether you own a sedan or an SUV, it’s important to maintain the value of your car.

The trouble is that while many assets may appreciate over time, vehicles tend to drop in value as soon as you add miles to the odometer. That’s the reality of owning a vehicle. While the monetary value may vary depending on the model. It is estimated that the value of a new car drops 20% in the first year of owning the vehicle. That being said, a number of variables can affect a car’s depreciation. It’s important to address these issues early regardless of if you plan to sell your vehicle.

For example, keeping up on maintenance regularly helps keep the vehicle running smoothly and catches problems before they become more serious and harm the value. It is recommended to keep the mileage reasonable; the more you drive the car, the more it depreciates.

Cleaning your vehicle regularly also helps remove stains and other issues that could become permanent. The same applies to the exterior, wash the vehicle to remove grime, and fix minor dings immediately.

Whenever you decide to sell the vehicle, it will be incredibly useful to have plenty of documentation on hand. Make sure to keep all the related documents to your vehicle, including records of maintenance and repairs. This can demonstrate that you’ve taken great care of the automobile which would also help maintain a higher resale value.

Lastly, your driving habits tend to impact the condition of your car. Aggressive driving and speeding can stress the vehicle and increase your risk of getting in an accident, which obviously negatively affects trade-in value. For more information and tips on increasing the resale value of your car, make sure to check out the

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