The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee tends to be very similar to the 2015 one, and thus if you are thinking of going for a new jeep for sale, it might be one to consider. It has some innovations which you will notice.

Apart from the various cosmetics and other ergonomic features such as the shift controls that are updated, the features for 2016 have better package and horsepower options designed for driving at high altitudes. The model also has ships that are have slightly tweaked and non-SRT versions.

  • Deliver steering that is modernized
  • Incorporating slick gauges
  • Weigh less

Reasons to buy a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The following are some of the reasons that should make you buy a 2016 jeep grand Cherokee:

Diesel fuel efficiency

SUVs do suffer mostly from gas mileage, which is poor. The 2016 grand Cherokee is the solution to this particular problem by offering a variant for diesel. While Jeep was shying off from releasing the actual mpg specs, they are sure of improving the 2015 characteristics.

Off-road readiness

It is engineered for off-roading. Even though it has immaculate exterior styling features that are consumer-oriented, it goes a notch higher and provides stable handling that drivers might expect from rugged-looking alternatives.

Highly highway suitable

It is a bit more comfortable on the road as compared to some options which are similar sized. A wide wheelbase tends to deliver stable, smooth handling making it a right highway commuting vehicle. An automatic transmission is smooth of the standard eight-speed intuitive, and straightforward while a V6 of range and V8 engine sizes, making it easier to keep pace with traffic.

Strong towing capabilities

Most of the Grand Cherokee of 2016 drivers are unlikely to use fast acceleration and SUVs power for racing or the same pursuits. Still, such features come in handy for being in a position of having to carry many loads on the roof of the rack, with trailers or in trunks.

The base model Jeep Cherokee of 2016 can pull over 6,000 pounds, and the drivers who move up to the variants of the diesel to get the extra 1000 pounds or even more. Jeeps tend to offer a package for towing that comes complete with the engine’s cooling and load balancing specialty suspension features.

Premium interior comfort

If you look inside any model of the Grand Cherokee 2016, it will reveal to you a classy trim that is uniform. Sunroof and natural materials give the vehicle an organic feel, and the models of SRT have dials that are updated and dashboards that have touch controls. Most of its surfaces are padded, so passengers and drivers don’t have to go roughing it up because of enjoying the outdoor that is rugged. It has optional features such as front seats, steering wheels, and rear seats, making it an excellent vehicle when driving during the winter.

Intelligent driver aids

Having to get around in the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016 might be more comfortable than in a 2015 jeep grand Cherokee. The version comes with cruise controls that are adaptive for security that is increased during long road trips.