The tesla model x trunk is a car characterized by handles with sensors that allow the vehicle to open like gull wings so that it is a car characterized by luxury and progress in terms of electricity.

This tesla model x trunk is part of a range of cars with various presentations that will vary their power and autonomy, which will allow greater scope in the daily use of this car wherever you are.

Model X

The tesla model x trunk is acar that has caused a stir among many people because it is not only a premium electric car but also a car with a unique design that brings with it several variants.

This range of cars has even received praise that positions it as one of the safest cars in the market, being an SUV with a capacity of up to 7 people, a good option, especially for small families.

This tesla model x trunkalso features various colors that give it an elegant design, accompanied by a 100 kWh battery that will allow, through a charger, to have an available car in 3.5 hours.

For this and many other things, this model is one of the most purchased cars in Spain and worldwide searching for an electric model with a good performance for the day to day in the city.


 The tesla model x trunkis characterized by other specifications that have allowed it to be the primary option for all those searching for an updated and electrical model that enables them to reduce their expenses.

Therefore, among the specifications we can find for this car model, we highlight an SUV with capacity for up to 7 people and has several variants with different powers that can reach 796 hp.

It has doors that open in the best sparrowhawk style, bringing even more elegance and a cost that can vary according to the car model and which can be found in many spaces on offer, reaching 88 thousand euros.

It is also important to note that this is a model that has a shorter charging time, requiring only 3.5 hours for a full charge, unlike other electric cars that have marketed.

The tesla model x trunkis an excellent option that you can find in different versions to suit you, is known mainly for the efficiency of its operation in terms of battery performance and its opening system.

How do you open your handles?

The tesla model x trunk handles have attracted many people since its launch because, as is known and explained by the creator of these cars, the doors have sensors and hinges.

These elements allow the doors to open in two ways; the first is in the form of sparrow wings, being quite common in sports cars, and horizontally, all according to the situation in which it is.

The door handles have six sensors located along with the door and hinges on the vehicle’s horizontal and roof area. With this, the car opened in two different ways, which will go according to what the drivers want.

In the first case, the mechanism allows the doors to open like gull wings with the car key’s help or when someone approaches, being a mechanism popularly known as “invisible butler.”

When the car’sTesla door handle opened, it usually does so slowly (but not so much). First, you will have access to the rear row seats until they are entirely up and tested during this model’s presentation.

It is currently possible to find videos of the conference where this car present. The mechanisms of these doors’ handles were tested in various situations, thus providing security to people to acquire this car.

Advantages of the tesla model x trunk

The popularity created around the tesla model x trunkis due not only to the fast and straightforward mechanism of its handles but by other aspects that you should know you want to acquire this car in your city:

  1. Accessibility

Unlike other electric car models, those of the tesla model x trunkcharacterized by having an affordable cost in its various models, this being an aspect that may also vary according to the market in which located.

For example, many of these cars tend to be slightly more expensive in high demand areas. However, it is possible to find promotions regarding this cost, being equally accessible to all.

  1. Speed

As for its operation, many people can point out that this electric model’s mechanism responds quite well and quickly to the actions that people want to do, such as opening doors, listening to the radio, among others.

It is also a model with a wide speed range for driving on the streets, recharges its battery in an average of 3 hours, and easily adapts to people’s lifestyles.

  1. Maintenance

The tesla model x trunkis an electric car model that, unlike others, does not require constant maintenance on its excellent performance. Some perform such maintenance on an annual basis.

  1. Silence

Finally, because it is a current model, Tesla X is in charge of running quietly and imperceptibly, providing a better driving experience for those who use it.