If you wish to ship a vehicle during the national lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible. According to The Department of Homeland Security, Transportation as an essential service, which means that transport companies and carriers can continue to deliver vehicles to all parts of the country.

Shutdowns will not affect your ability to transport anything. However, for your health and that of the road carrier you work with, you should take some necessary precautions when planning to ship a car during a pandemic. Cross country vehicle transport is a process in which many parties are involved. Entering the battle half-ready can be a recipe for disaster even without the pandemic situation.

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Why Ship A Vehicle During The Pandemic?

Road transport or shipping does not put you at significant risk. However, you may wonder why you want to send the vehicle in the first place during a pandemic? That’s a good question. As it turned out, the effects of coronavirus increase the need for safe and reliable shipping companies.

Here are some examples:

  • Getting a car home from college – When college campuses started closing, many students wanted to get home. Now the final exams are over. The campuses have begun to clear up completely. Also, many students need a car in another destination. Car shipping can make the most sense, especially since long trips can be risky.
  • Stay somewhere else – Coronavirus has hit some areas harder than others. Therefore, it may make sense to settle into a guest house or holiday home, and it is convenient to have a car wherever you plan to live for a long period.
  • Help family or friends – Most people are having difficulty at the moment. You may have a family member or close friend that you plan to give a car to, getting it transported saves you time. You are able to do something good for someone who needs it without inconveniencing yourself.

How Do I Prepare My Car Before Shipping My Vehicle?

If you choose to ship your car for any reason, you should take some precautions in advance. It is often advisable to clean the car thoroughly before shipping by removing everything other than what came with the car.

You should also take extra precautions to wipe the interior with disinfectant to kill anything that may be harmful. The car transporter will be inside your car for a short time to get on and off the trailer. Therefore, you should take your time to make the interior even cleaner and safer.

Similar precautions should be taken when you meet the car carrier. You should follow the same protocols and habits you use when you go out in public, ideally wear masks and gloves.

You should also keep at least six feet away from each other by putting keys or documents on the hood or trunk of the car and walking away instead of handing them over. Also, you should wash your hands after talking to each other.

Additional pairs of latex gloves, facial masks, and disinfectant wipes should be left in the car. It is in case you send the car to someone who may not have any supplies. They can safely take the car without putting themselves in danger.

How Can You Hand Your Car Over to A Transporter During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

When the transporter comes to pick up and load your car, you will probably find yourself in close contact with them. It would help if you took the same precautions as you usually do in public places.

As recommended by the CDC, make sure your mouth and nose are closed to minimize the risk of possible virus transmission.

Make sure you wear disposable gloves and keep a distance of 6 feet while transporting your car. During the vehicle inspection, the carrier will place a vehicle status report and leave.

You should bring a pen instead of sharing it as a precaution to sign the inspection report to limit your exposure.

If you do not have your pen, you and the driver can agree to take the pictures instead as a visual inspection, and verbally acknowledge that they will act as a mandatory inspection between you and the carrier of the car.

How Should I Retake Possession of My Car During Delivery?

Use the same precautions when you first handed the car over to the carrier at the receipt (origin). After unloading the car and signing the inspection report (or photograph as described above), make sure that the surface that is usually touched frequently during use has been sterilized.

Some places may include the door handle, shift handle, center console, radio, rearview mirrors, and, most importantly, the steering wheel.

When it comes to paying, cash is usually the preferred method of payment. If you must pay in cash, please remember to put the cash on the surface and leave so the carrier can get it at a safe distance. If possible, ask your car delivery agent if you can pay by credit card or bank transfer to limit your communication.

To Sum Up

In the times we currently live in, it is much safer for you and others if you stay at home and let a reliable transportation company send your car.

The road transport industry continues to be impacted by COVID-19. However, many in the industry are doing their best to keep the wheels of road transport alive.