The monsoons are here, and it’s time to keep your beloved car in the excellent running condition. Rains could adversely affect your used vehicle if you are not prepared for them. With poor maintenance, the pre-owned car that you bought on a used car loan will have a tough time traversing waterlogged area and running during humid conditions.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some crucial tips to keep your car safe and well maintained this monsoon:


Tyre traction is the key to your safety during monsoons. Your car’s tyres should have enough tread to give you necessary braking ability along with avoiding the situation of hydroplaning while passing through wet surfaces. The situation gets worse when the water is mixed with the oils on the road. Keep track of the tread wear indicators, which let you know if the tyres have workable tread left. 


Dim or pale lights are a common problem in used cars. They may appear working fine at first, but soon, after some use, the lenses tend to get fogged up with moisture. Be it headlights, taillights or side indicators, ensure they are working fine in every season. When the visibility is poor, especially during heavy rains, bright lights become all the more essential. 


When driving on wet roads, the braking distance is severely compromised, making it extremely dangerous to travel. To check your car’s brakes at home, turn on the engine, put the car in neutral gear and press the brakes. If the pedal continues to go deeper, the chances are that there is a leak. While commuting, the feel of judder on the brake pedal means it’s time to replace brake pads of the car. New cars may not have this problem, but a used vehicle could. 

Body paint

The exterior paint of the car is most likely to be damaged with exposure to rain. If the coating of the paint is damaged, the exposed metal will rust easily. Moreover, the underbelly portion of the car needs to be cleaned as it gets corroded quickly due to continuous exposure to moisture. Get a coating of polish over the chassis to have a protective layer. When you shop for a used car, ensure you check the chassis for any corrosion.


During heavy rains, the wipers ensure your visibility on the road is not compromised. Before the onset of monsoon, you must always get them thoroughly checked for any cracks on the wiper blade (common problem after prolong exposure to the sun during summers). 

A service before monsoons

Get your car serviced before the monsoons. Many of the aforementioned issues will be taken care of by professionals at the service station. 

Take note of the above tips, so your monsoon drives are effortless and do not hinder your joy of driving. And if you are looking to buy a pre-owned car this monsoon, reach out to Tata Capital to fund your purchase. Above all, the condition of a used car is a vital factor even when you wish to buy used cars on EMI. And if you are looking for a financing partner to fund your purchase, Tata Capital is your best bet with quick processing and minimal used car loan eligibility criteria. Reach out to them today!