Accidents can complicate your life. Thousands of accident victims suffer from serious health complications such as spinal cord injuries, broken limbs, and many more.There are numerous ways to avoid an accident. In incidents when one occurs, it is always essential to know what to do. This checklist will help you to understand the measures you should take after a car accident. these include


It would be best if you did not drive away from the accident scene.

Protect the Scene

You should set up flashers to prevent further accidents from occurring. If it is dark and your lights aren’t working, you should have a flashlight to wait for Car towing the police to arrive at the crime scene. Please visit Sheengroup to know more about Car towing

Call the Police

It is always essential to contact the police to ensure there is a legal report despite the seriousness of the accident. You will need a police report to claim the insurance company, even if itis just a claim to be compensated for your damaged property in a car accident.

Get the Facts Surrounding your Car Accident

It is crucial to get the contact information of everyone involved in the accident. You should also be able to offer a description of the car and the license number. Tell the police what exactly happened. If you don’t know specific facts, tell that to the investigation officer. Avoid speculation,guessing, or misstating any facts. You should ensure that any statement made by other victims or witnesses are accurate as well.

Take Photos

With almost everyone having access to smartphones and cameras on the phone as well as insurers allowing you to submit information concerning your claim using emails and apps, you can consider taking pictures. This can be useful for the image of the positioning of cars, property damage photos, ETC. If you have physical injuries, you should take photos of them as well. However, you should not interfere with the ongoing police investigation.

Exchange Information and Document the Crash

State laws worldwide vary depending on how much information you are expected to give at the crash scene. Typically, you may be required to offer only your name and any insurance information to any other parties involved.If there are witnesses, you should obtain information from them so your lawyer can contact them in the future.

After the police have arrived in the crash scene, you will be issued with a police report number. You can use that number to get the police report.

Report the Incident

It is essential to notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Several policies will require immediate reporting and cooperation. Find out if you have medical benefits as part of the insurance coverage.

Seek Medical Attention

Most injuries caused by car accidents become apparent hours after the actual crash. Unless you are confident that you didn’t get injured, you should seek professional medical attention. Even when the accident is minor, you can succumb to a permanent spinal cord injury.

Keep the Files

Keep all the accident-related files and documents together. The information should include the claims adjusters, receipts for rentals, and all the other expenses.

Seek Legal Advice

Accident victims tend to become busy with treatment only. So it becomes tough for them to file compensation claims and pursue them. Hiring a Chicago car accident lawyer can be of great assistance. Accident lawyers have thorough knowledge about accident laws.