Many of the car accident victims who try to handle their case on their own or think that they are involved in minor fender-bender don’t really get fair settlements. As the insurance companies have teams of expert lawyers who begin to evaluate your injury claim in their own way. So, it’s better for you to consult a lawyer for your case if you get injured due to someone else’s negligence,

An expert lawyer will present your case efficiently keeping all the aspects in mind so that you are fairly treated by the insurance company and get fair settlements for you to recover completely.

A professional car accident lawyer has a lot to do with winning a case successfully. Likewise, a Portland car accident attorney can provide an efficient consultation to fulfill all the expectations the victim has from his lawyer and get them a satisfactory settlement.  These duties may include the following:

1. Duty to avoid conflict of interest:

The attorney you have hired for your car accident case doesn’t have the right to represent anyone else’s interests that are adverse to yours in the lawsuit. Your lawyer can’t represent some other driver’s or some insurance company’s reference.

However, your lawyer can actually represent any other plaintiffs relevant to some un-related cases.

2. Duty of confidentiality:

Each and every detail you share in the discussions with your attorney should be kept confidential. This can make the bond between you and your lawyer familiar and keep the utmost transparency so that you can freely discuss even the smallest thing about your car accident. And this is the responsibility of your lawyer to give you the assurance that your information is not going to be leaked to the other driver involved in the car accident or to the insurance company.

3. Duty to diligently represent:

Once your attorney promises to take your case means the attorney is giving you the assurance to represent each and every detail of the case in your favor and completely from your point of view. And the lawyer should keep the client updated at every step of the whole process and provide all the information and should never advise you to do anything that is not legal or legitimate or immoral.

4. Duty to provide competent representation:

When an attorney decides to take up your case, then the lawyer should handle everything with complete understanding and has an expertise in handling such cases and represent you adequately. In case, the lawyer finds it difficult to handle the case or finds himself unable to get the settlement for you, then he must inform you or some other law firm or attorney.

These were some basic responsibilities of an attorney and some basic duties you can expect from your car accident attorney. Furthermore, the attorneys nowadays conduct various investigations regarding your case and gather all the desired pieces of evidence so that you get best served with the maximum settlement in return of all the expenses of medical bills and lost wages and all the personal difficulties you are facing due to the crash.