Professional truck drivers all over the country should ensure they take extra caution and measures when it comes to taking care of their trucks. This is according to an 18-wheeler accident attorney based in Texas. It is important that at the start of each day or at the commencement of any journey that every truck driver carries out a thorough pre-trip inspection of their vehicle. This includes carefully checking out the tires. This may sound like it is a waste of time, since you have to do it every day, but the fact is that it could save your life. This simple procedure could prevent a severe accident from occurring during the day thus, saving lives.

One of the major keys to road safety is ensuring that your tires are properly inflated. The first benefit you gain from this is that you prevent accidents. Another is that you increase fuel efficiency thus, saving money for gas. Pumping your tires regularly increases the lifespan of the tires hence, you don’t need to replace them quite as regularly.

We highly suggest that each time you make your pre-trip inspection that you make use of a well-calibrated air pressure gauge to ensure you measure the exact pressure of each tire. Tire failure often occurs when you continuously drive on an under-inflated tire. This is said to generally be the number one cause of premature tire failure in trucks and big lorries.

Emphasis is being laid on the pressure of the tire, but that is not the only important aspect to look into. You should have the tread of the tire examined, as well as the side wall area of the tire for any signs of damage. If you do not inspect each tire thoroughly, it may be hard for you to notice issues such as bald spots or tapered tread depth.
According to recent research, if a tire is even as small as five psi under-inflated, it can increase the chances of tire failure by as much as 50%. Again, driving long distances and for long periods of time with under-inflated tires could substantially decrease the tread life of the tire.

While we talk about the dangers of under-inflated tires, we should not overlook that of over-inflated tires as that can pose dangers as well. A tire that is hard and stiff would have lesser area in contact with the road. There are higher chances of a tire that drives over an object to blow if such tire is over-inflated. Take care of your tires and they will help save your life!